Call for Submissions

Carp F*cking Diem. That’s the motto of every woman in this anthology of twisted tales of romance, heartbreak, and good old one-night stands.

So many romance stories focus on broken-hearted women pining for their knight in shining armor. Poor souls who were pushed aside, cheated on, or left feeling that they needed a man to complete them and define their identity.

F*ck that. Not these women. These characters own their stories, and their real struggles of divorce, unfaithful spouses, or dangerous exes were merely training grounds for their journey to self-discovery and acceptance. 

This is a collection of stories about love, sex, and redemption. Stories about finding their worthy partner (or partners), fulfilling their desires, or finding themselves through sexual and emotional exploration with another – but on their terms. 

These women don’t need a man to define them. They want a man because men are strong and sexy, and batteries are expensive. They call the shots. They take the lead.

And these girls are f*cking on top.


Stories should explore the human condition in relationships and destroy fabricated social constructs. Redefine what it means to be in love and the words we use to describe the concept itself. We want readers to grip the pages in expectation as they wait for the climax. 

We want and value diverse voices and stories that represent them. 



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