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Our taste in fiction runs deeper than the surface. Meaning, we like books that have multiple layers of plot and potential interpretations depending on the reader’s perspective coming to the table. Books that make readers think as well as give them something to take away upon reaching the last paragraph. We love dark speculative fiction that goes beyond just monsters and erotic bedroom scenes: we want stories that make us reconsider our positions, open new doors, and shed light on new perspectives.

At the same time, we love action and suspense and require our books to have a good helping of each along with a sprinkling of dark (possibly crude) humor.

We are looking for stories and articles that explore the human condition and destroy fabricated social constructs. Expand our minds. Redefine what it means to be in love and the words we use to describe the concept itself. We want readers to grip the pages in expectation as they wait for the climax.

Our readers want to experience the sensual rush of emotions and physical sensations along with your characters that will carry them to another level of awareness–be that an existential out-of-body experience or another planet altogether. The genre is flexible, just keep in mind the theme of the current call for manuscripts. But overall, remember we are looking for stories that are, first and foremost, entertaining.


1) Your manuscript should be in DOC, DOCX, or RTF file format only. Please submit via the link below only unless you are requested to email directly from an editor.

2) Word count range is a firm 45,000 to 110,000 words. Please query first if your story is out of those ranges.

3) Publishing contracts are available to view upon request.

4) In your submission, please include the following:



Simultaneous submissions are OK. We try to respond to all submissions within 45 days. No multiple submissions. Please follow standard manuscript formatting guidelines.

Be sure to fully edit your work before submitting. First impressions matter.


We are currently looking to partner with talented freelance cover artists.

You may email paradoxicalfrogpress@gmail.com with links to your online portfolio or links directly to your intended pieces. You may attach small samples to your email, but please, no large attachments or zip files.