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What’s a paradoxical frog?

Pseudis paradoxa, or paradoxical frogs, grow and mature partially in reverse, completely breaking away from the way that every other frog on the planet develops. Unlike most amphibians, the paradoxical frog grows at a rapid pace as a tadpole, larger than any other in the world. Then, as it matures and grows legs during the metamorphosis into adulthood, the frog shrinks in size as it becomes comfortable surviving local conditions and predators.

So why an animal paradox?

The amazing creature is considered a paradox because its natural development is far from common from anything else on the planet and serves as a reminder that growth doesn’t necessarily have to do with becoming larger. As humans, we tend to think development and improvement in just one direction: bigger and grander, saying more about our inflexible thinking of success and growth than it says about this frog’s odd nature.

Many authors – and humans in general – can relate to this wondrous creature. Our growth is not linear, we ebb and flow and find ourselves in new directions and situations as we find ourselves and our voices. The same for readers and their diversifying and shifting interests and needs for new literary adventures.

Society is constantly changing. The publishing industry needs to change, too. At Paradoxical Frog Press, we aim to be the anomaly in the industry and help our authors grow into the writers they were destined to be.